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A few years ago, a blackout in the Northeast United States left many traffic lights dark.

As you might imagine, this created an extreme level of confusion for drivers and pedestrians alike.

If a blacked-out traffic light should be treated the same as a red one, then what does it mean when our digital devices go dead?

Is there something we can do to protect ourselves?

stop, sign, traffic sign @ Pixabay

In my new blog post I will talk about how to prepare for such events and how to recover quickly when they happen. Lets start with preparation.

One of the most important things you can do is to have an emergency plan ready for your family.

The more complicated this plan, the better – it will help you if there are multiple levels or emergencies that might be happening at once.

For example, one person should know how to call 911 in case there’s a fire and someone else needs to take care of kids while you deal with medical issues.

You need another phone charged up and on hand just in case the power goes out so you’ll still have communication ability.

As well as food stocked up enough for all members of your household and pets (with some variety) because grocery stores may not always be open during a blackout period. 


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