calender, icon, pictogram @ Pixabay

If you are looking for a calendar to view for the current month, there is one available right on your command line.

By entering which date at the prompt, you will be shown an interactive and color-coded calendar of the current month!

The first part of the sentence is a command for which you enter date.

calender, icon, day @ Pixabay

This will show an interactive and color-coded calendar of the current month on your screen!

It shows weekdays as blue, weekends in green, national holidays shaded in light purple/pink.

And other important days like birthdays or anniversaries marked with dark red text.

Note: You can also use this to find out what time it is by typing “date” without any parameters.

It’s easy to see how many hours are left until daylight savings begins (13) because there isn’t much space between today’s date and March 12th when it happens.

When this event arrives, we’ll gain one hour throughout the day.


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