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In a world where there are more people than ever, it can be hard to find one that is willing to buy your product.

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Some might even think this means you should not have any prospects at all! In reality, the opposite is true.

You need as many potential customers as possible because they represent the first step of your conversion rate optimization strategy!

You need to admit that you can never have too many prospects and make sure you are attracting high-quality leads.

This is the first step of conversion rate optimization strategy.

Step one, find your top prospecting channels: Where do customers come from?

You should be targeting a specific group or demographic such as an age range, location, gender etc. The more specific you get with who wants what from you, the better!

For example if I sell clothes then my target market might not be so wide because I’m only selling clothing .

There isn’t much variation in this audience which means it’s easier for me to speak their language and offer them things they want to buy.

Whereas if I were in real estate where there is


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