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Nurses have a lot of field experience and often know the best way to treat common ailments. One such ailment that is becoming more prevalent in children is head lice, for which permethrin can be used as treatment. Here are 11 tips from a nurse on how to get rid of head lice using this medication! -Check the shampoo and conditioner labels for permethrin. If it’s not listed, then you’ll need to call your pharmacist or doctor to find out if they would prescribe this medication for you. -Talk with your doctor about what dosage is right for your child based on weight or age. This can be determined by using a chart that helps determine how much of the medicine their body can handle without harming them in any way. It will also depend on whether or not they have an allergy to the ingredients found in permethrin (i.e., pyrethrins). You may want to mention any allergies when talking with your physician so he/she has all information needed before making his decision! -“Treat


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