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Recently, one of your clients was diagnosed with early glaucoma. This is a serious condition that will require close monitoring and care. If you are a nurse, there are six things you should do to provide the best care for your client: 1) Schedule an appointment with their eye doctor so they can get a prescription for glasses or contact lenses if necessary. 2) Make sure they know about the symptoms of glaucoma and what to look out for in case it progresses. 3) Recommend that they also schedule regular appointments with an ophthalmologist as needed. 4) Teach them how to manage their medication properly by using eyedrops or other treatments as prescribed by their eye doctor. He also should not take anti-inflammatory medications, such as aspirin and ibuprofen, without first consulting his eye doctor. You should tell them to eat a healthy diet with lots of leafy green vegetables that are rich in lutein and zeaxanthin for their eyes. Include more omega-rich fish or marine oil supplements in their daily regimen to help protect the retina from damage that may lead to glaucoma. These can be obtained over the counter at most pharmacies so they won’t need a prescription for this treatment either. Finally, you’ll want him to wear sunglasses when outside during daylight hours because UV light is one cause of macular degeneration which often leads to lessened vision loss due to age


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