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Hemodialysis is a procedure in which blood from the body and fluids are cleaned by being filtered through a machine. The process takes place outside of the body, usually on an outpatient basis. What drugs should be withheld before this procedure? We’ll answer that question for you right now! Drugs that cannot be taken two weeks before hemodialysis: aspirin, ibuprofen, blood pressure medications. Drugs that can be taken before hemodialysis: antibiotics, acetaminophen (Tylenol), vitamin C. Maintain a healthy diet and good hydration to help your body’s natural cleansing process by eating green leafy vegetables or taking supplements like psyllium husk powder. Drink lots of fluids each day and watch the amount you consume in one sitting. If you’re on diabetic medications, make sure they are at their lowest dose possible while being effective for controlling blood sugar levels. Follow these steps to prepare for this procedure! Key takeaway points: – Take care of yourself by maintaining a healthy diet with plenty of fluids prior to having hemodialysis performed- Remember what drugs cannot be used


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