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In economics, utility is a measure of satisfaction or happiness that a consumer gets from consuming goods and services. When consumers spend their money on items with the highest utility, they are maximizing their utility with their available income. The more they spend on these items, the happier they become in general. For example, if you have $2 to spend today and you purchase two tacos for $1 each then your total utility will be 2 utils because you would have spent all of your money on something that makes you very happy (tacos). If instead you purchased one taco at $1 and one burrito at $2 then your total utilities would be 1.5 because while both purchases make you happy (you enjoy eating), there was a better deal on the taco. So, in order to maximize your utility you need to spend 100% of your budget on items with the highest utility (or else find a way to increase your income). For example, if you have only $19 per month for food and drink then it is best that you buy 19 drinks at one time because each individual can give you more satisfaction than buying two or three drinks over the course of an entire day. Similarly, if what satisfies people most are shoes then they should purchase all their favorite pairs in one shopping trip rather than spread out purchases throughout the year. -This blog post was written by __(author)__on __(date). Post Script: The word ‘


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