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This is a post that was created recently in our ‘We Are Not Alone’ community and it was a response to a question that was posed on our Facebook page by a reader. This was the first of a few posts to be created in response to the question. I hope that you will find it useful, and please feel free to share and take a look at the other posts.

You can read more about the question here: www.facebook.

While we can’t say with certainty that this post will be the last we’ll ever see of this topic, we can at least say that it’s the most recent post we’ve created in response to a question that we’ve received. We’re not quite sure if this will continue to be an ongoing thread (which isn’t surprising because it’s not like we have all that much to say to new people), but we’ll definitely be looking for more questions for this thread.

we have. We wouldnt be having this thread if not for an article published about the question that weve asked here. And if the post weve created is any indication, we will be looking for answers to more questions like this for quite some time to come. Weve already created quite a few pages for this thread to ensure that there will always be a place for questions, and we hope that the thread will continue to be an ongoing source of questions.

Also, we will continue to ask questions to which we are not specifically subscribed. So if you are like us and are looking for questions, just check out the Ask Question page and see if someone has posted a question that you are also looking for.

The forum is always open to questions, but if you are a subscriber to the Ask Question page you are welcome to ask.

If you’re looking for questions, don’t worry about anything else. We’re just not there yet. We hope that you are.

We will try to answer your questions as soon as we can. We know we are a small team, and we will be working hard on getting the game ready for release. Thanks for understanding.

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