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is both a weapon and a tool or device.

this is a common term which means that a weapon is any item or technology that can be used in two different ways. For example, a shotgun is a weapon because it is used in shotgun loads. A knife is a weapon because it can be used in slicing and piercing.

Dual use items are, therefore, any item which is used both as a weapon and a tool. This is usually defined as any item that can be used in two different ways.

Dual use is really more of a “you use it as a weapon, but it can be used as a tool.” The ability to switch between weapons and tools is one of the most useful properties of the human body. It is a trait that our body has that has been used to great effect throughout history and has been the work of our species for over a billion years. I can’t even imagine how much it would be used or used right.

The term dual use was originally coined by a physicist named Robert Boyle. He said it best: “What is a tool? It is a combination of materials having the same use, and the application of each material in the one is in direct opposition to the use in the other.

This definition may seem like it is only about the tools, not the people who use them. But it’s not. It’s about the tools having something in common with the humans they are intended for. For example the word “dual” is used because tools were designed for humans. I’m sure the same is true of the word “use.

The term dual use is used because so many of our tools we use now were designed for humans. So when we use a tool, we are using it for humans. This makes it possible for us to have something in common with the people we are intended for.

Dual use is a concept that we use in a variety of contexts, including scientific, business, or even legal. In its most recent definition by the International Commission on Occupational Health, dual-use refers to the use of two or more products or technologies for a single purpose. In business it is when there is a single process or product that is used for two or more purposes. The most common example of dual-use products are two office products that are used in different ways.

Dual-use technology is typically defined as a technology that is used to accomplish two or more related purposes. For example, some tools are dual-use because they are used in two different, but related, ways. Other examples of dual-use items include software and devices that are used in two different ways.

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